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I have mainly focused on creating on-line questionnaires and multimedia learning objects like the small film in the link below. I have also used a programme called Writeboard and blogs to try to get students to communicate with each other in English while they prepare to deliver presentations in History of the English Language and Sociolinguistics. On the left you will see a link to my phonology page which contains over 60 exercises and activities in segmental and suprasegmental phonology. These are designed to complement the chapter on Phonology in Working with Words: An Introduction to English Linguistics (Fuster-Márquez & Sánchez Macarro, eds.)but they can be used on their own. At the moment I am working on materials for sociolinguistics.

An interview with an academic from Kentucky on the subject of stereotypes. It is originally a sound file recorded but I have made it into a video file with subtitles for our students.

I am also the coordinator for a research group MATVA [Multimedia Analysis of TV Ads] looking into the pragmatic-cognitive effects of para- and extra-linguistic elements of British TV ads on the audience. (Efectos pragmático-cognitivos de los elementos paralingüísticos y extralingüísticos sobre la audiencia en los anuncios de televisión en lengua inglesa.