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Conspiracy theories and incompetence theories

Posted by pennock on 25 January 2009

You know, I could never really get into conspiracy theories. Just because there is one -the murder of Kennedy- that might be true, doesn’t mean we have to go for the whole lot. I mean, the Queen ordering the elimination of Lady Diana. What the hell for? Can you imagine her finishing her afternoon of tea to call up the SAS or whoever to bump her off. Come on! Get real!

Another gripe I have with conspiracy theories is they are always so complicated like the twin towers one. Everyone had to be in on it for that one to be true.

Conspiracy theories are dangerous because you never have to prove anything convincingly for the idiots out there to believe in them. They undermine reason and logic and are therefor the breeding ground of totalitarianism.If  anything can be true maybe even the white power people are right!

I believe in the incompetence theory -don’t know if that has already been thought of. I mean, we all know how incompetent we can all be sometimes. Some people believe that the Germans lost the Second World War because of some massive conspiracy when the truth is that Hitler was the most incompetent dick-head the world has ever seen. He launched an offensive against Russia (a tiny little country) without finishing off Britain. Now how stupid or incompetent can you get. Some people think that Pearl Harbour was a conspiracy, that the Yanks wanted the Japenese to attack to get into the war. I think it was just American incompetence -either military or diplomatic that let that happen. Some people actually think that the Partido Popular lost the elections due to some socialist conspiracy. Rubbish! They lost it because they stupidly played the ETA card even though everyone else in the world knew it was some Islamist group. I mean, honestly!

As Frank Zappa said hydrogen is not the most common element in the Universe, stupidity is and its little brother incompetence isn’t far behind.

That’s it, I have had my say.

2 Responses to “Conspiracy theories and incompetence theories”

  1.   Jose Saiz Molina Says:

    Thanks a lot for your post and YES I’m stupid and incompetent.
    Modern Times, as Hillel Schwartz points out, represent how far we get by (ad)using “kriegspiel” and, sometimes, as you mention, Game is over and you loose. Anyway, I agree with your “antiseptic visions” for local failures.

  2.   pennock Says:

    Rajoy said that it would be stupid for Camps to do something illegal for three suits. The thing is once you feel all powerful and you have been getting away with murder for years (look up \getting away with murder\ if you think it means what it seems to mean, ‘cos it doesn’t) you do stupid, incompetent things. So, for me it is perfectly credible that he did accept the suits. Hence, another brick in my incompetence theory edifice.