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Pirate Pants

Posted by pennock on 29 December 2008

Pirate Pants

Just had to get this off my chest:

Never since the invention of the ball and chain has anything meant you are well and truly in a someone’s thrall than the wearing of pirate pants, you know those dozy, half-mast, ridiculous pieces of clothing for men that you see everywhere these days. I mean, tattoos and earings must have been just the start, in the end we’ll be wearing eye-patches and going around shouting "aha me matey".



Some blokes have nice legs -not that I have looked too closely- but pirate pants just show the pathetic shin area, you know the bit where your leg hairs have disappeared because you wear socks. It is the thinest, ugliest part of one’s legs but it seems that just about all women are mad about their man wearing this, the most unflattering of all male attire. I think it is because if they can get you to wear them, it means you have given up the ghost and are a walking testing ground for some lady’s sartorial experiments. Suits you, sir! (type in "you tube" "depp" "fast show" in google for hilarious fast show sketch with Johnny aka Jack Sparrow himself. Nothing to do with pirate pants but coherence was never one of my strong points)