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Nasty Southerners

Posted by pennock on 28 November 2013

This one is from the magazine The Face. What, you are probably asking yourself, was I doing reading that! It is much too sophisticated and above all YOUNG for me, you are thinking. Anyway, this passage is rather disgusting, so if you are shocked by bad language and racist comment, don’t read on.

The choice views of a Chelsea supporter on folks from the Boro and others from up north. This comes just after he’s had a go at every other minority in the country.

Let’s just hear Eddie on the English: “Well, scousers aren’t fucking English are they? Do you remember the Everton vs Liverpool Cup Final? They booed the national anthem, for fuck’s sake! If we were fucking civilised we’d shoot them as fucking traitors!”

Perhaps this is the real reason why, despite bold attempts to bolster their racist/bigoted credibility, Everton’s scummier elements have never been fully included in the True Blue alliance. Geordies or anyone from the North-east also should not apply.

Middlesbrough, Geordies -all that fucking lot. Fucking savages. Take more welfare than the fucking blacks. They’re not even part of fucking England. They should be shoved back with all the nasty sweaties.” (Sweaties as in sweaty socks ie jocks, the Scottish.)

What did I tell you? It makes you proud to be from the Boro when someone like that hates you, doesn’t it?

The Face, April 1995, Nº 79, page 109.

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